It is widely thought that proceedings under the Proceeds of ‘Crime’ Act, such as confiscation, are intended to obtain the money someone makes from committing
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Written by Ifé O. Adebajo and Lisa Navarro

In January 2012, the highly publicised bribery case against the UK construction company Mabey & Johnson Limited (“M&J“) reached a climactic conclusion. The resulting decision has sent shockwaves through the hearts and wallets of shareholders and investors with interests in entities that carry on business in the UK.


In 2009, M&J pleaded guilty to corruption offences and breach of UN sanctions for making payments of over £250,000 to Saddam Hussein’s Iraqi government in order to secure bridge-building contracts. In addition to custodial sentences being imposed on the responsible directors, M&J was fined £6.6 million and a comprehensive upheaval of its anti-bribery and corruption policies followed.
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