In a February 2019 speech, the FCA’s Director of Market Oversight, Julia Hoggett, said the following:

The life blood of all well-functioning markets is the timely dissemination of information, without which effective price information cannot take place. The malignant form of that same life blood is the misuse or inappropriate dissemination of that information.

The ‘malignant form’ to which Ms Hoggett referred is insider dealing, where someone trades on the basis of information not known to the public in order to make a gain or avoid a loss, or where one discloses such information and/or encourages others to trade in relation to it.

Insider dealing and market manipulation were both key parts of Ms Hoggett’s speech, which is an important outline of what the FCA sees as the foremost issues for the firms it oversees. Ms Hoggett also referred to the FCA update to its ‘Financial Crime Guide’ for firms. A forthcoming GT Alert will address the updated guide and considerations for corporates flowing from insider dealing.

In this GT Advisory we focus on the definition of and defences to insider dealing in both the criminal and civil context, as well as the ways in which individuals in the UK have been pursued for such conduct.

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